Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Items: Mundane

Got a thief that loves picking pockets?

How about a list of mundane items to fill those pockets with?

Mundane Items
Roll        Item                                
1              Pair of dice
2              Deck of cards
3              Marked cards
4              Loaded dice
5              Pouch of spices
6              Small doll
7              Apples (d3)
8              Live mouse in bag
9              Comb
10            Brush
11            Whetstone
12            Candles, tallow (1d4)
13            Twine 100'
14            Cookies (1d4+1)
15            Small knife
16            Lock picks
17            Writing Quill
18            Ink well
19            Dates (2d4)
20            Shoe laces (1d4)
21            Leather straps 6' (1d6)
22            Dead Bird
23            Mouse Trap (set)
24            Cheese
25            Sling bullets (2d8)
26            Bag of nuts
27            Note (IOU for 7c)
28            Small flute
29            Note (Love letter)
30            Crackers
31            Needle and thread
32            Tea leaves in pouch
33            Brass cup
34            Note (city map)
35            Darts (1d6)
36            Dagger sheath
37            Empty vial (1d3)
38            Dagger hilt/ pommel
39            Dagger Blade
40            Small Jewelry Box (4z)
41            Note (grocery list)
42            Eye patch
43            Sandwich
44            Small Bell
45            Onions (d3)
46            Bow strings (1d3)
47            Arrow heads (2d4)
48            Arrow fletchings (4d10)
49            Flask of alcohol
50            Healing tea (1d4 uses)
51            Holy water vial
52            Shaving razor
53            Chalk (1d4)
54            Tarts
55            Blank paper (2d4)
56            Small wooden statue
57            Bandages (1d4)
58            Key
59            Spool of fishing line
60            Fishing tackle
61            Bar of soap
62            Wool cap
63            Glass eye
64            Skinner's knife
65            Tomatoes (d3)
66            Beef jerky
67            Tobacco
68            Pipe
69            Lucky charm
70            Bread
71            Shoes
72            Hood/ Mask
73            Garrote
74            Flint and steel
75            Warming lamp
76            Spyglass
77            Flask of oil
78            Loin cloth
79            Wig
80            Iron spike (1d3)
81            Bits of glass
82            Mirror
83            Holy symbol
84            Marbles (2d20)
85            Spiked collar
86            Leash
87            Belt
88            Hand axe head
89            Wrist sheath
90            Sling
91            Sling stones (2d20)
92            Broken whip
93            Vial of blood
94            Note (regional map)
95            Note (treasure map)
96            Note (job notice)
97            Salted fish (d2)
98            Bird call
99            Boot spike
100          Spurs

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

First of all...Spoiler Alert!
I'll keep all of the spoilers for the end of the review so you can stop reading before you get to them.

Now, on to the review:

If you enjoy super hero movies, and you like the old-school political thrillers of the 70's, you're gonna like this movie. 

Random Wilderness Encounters

 Just a little something to spice up a leisurely stroll through the forest...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Empire Role Playing: Update

So things are going well, thanks for asking.

They say that art is never finished, its just abandoned. Thats the point I'm getting to now. I feel like I've gotten it to a point that now I'm just fussing over little things and not really adding any value to what I have already written. So I will be looking for an editor soon. I've never published, or been published, so all of this is new to me, but from what I have researched, a good editor can make all the difference. 

It's strange, I read a lot about book publishing but trying to publish a game is a little different. It's not really a story, and its not really a text book. It seems to be something in between so I need to find an editor that is familiar with games. Unfortunately, I don't know where to find one of those. So the search begins.

Anyone know a good editor with game