Thursday, April 28, 2016

Encounter Inspiration #13 - Dungeon Entrance Edition

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rant: I've Lost It

I've been writing a new RPG system, Empire Role Playing, for so long now, I think I'm losing my ability to be creative!

I know that sounds kind of contradictory, writing a role playing game and not being creative, but trust me, it's possible. The game has a bit of crunch to the rules and I've spent so much time writing and editing rules from a logical stand point, I feel like I'm forgetting how to just let loose and be creative. I used to GM for a game group constantly and one of the facets of my game that I was most proud of was improvisation. I could come up with a night's adventure on the spot in under 15 minutes and no one would really know that I was making it all up on the spot based on what they were doing. But now, I have a hard time thinking of an adventure hook, let alone being confident enough to lead a group for 6 hours and keep them entertained.

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