Friday, July 2, 2010

Monthly Poll - Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Character

Ok, that's it for the monthly poll of June. And here are the results...

#1 with 18% is Black Dragons, one of my personal favorites
#2 we have a tie at 13% between Red Dragons and Blue Dragons
#3 with 12% is Silver Dragons, our top good aligned dragon
#4 at 10% is White Dragons, my other personal favorite
#5 with 7% is the Chromatic Dragon. This was a surprise finish for me, I expected it to come in much higher.
#6 is another tie with 6% is Green Dragons and Gold Dragons
#7 is Copper Dragons with 4%
#8 our final tie at 3% we have Brass and Bronze Dragons
and surprisingly last with only 1 vote was the king of all good dragons, the Platinum dragon

Thanks for all the votes, make sure you vote again this month as we determine who our favorite cartoon character was from the popular 80's Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.


  1. Mmm...I missed the last poll, but I also would have voted Black. That's one of the things that makes module I2 so bad-ass.
    ; )

  2. There's something about a giant reptile that sprays acid that just seems ominous :)


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