Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Weeks Answer

Last weeks winner (and only entrant) was an anonymous visitor to the Friar named Alan. Although, if he gives his names, is he really anonymous? Anyways, he already received his round trip airfare to Th Pomarj and is on he way to a whirlwind adventure.

Lets see if we can get...say...TWO responses this week! I'm sure we will because this weeks prize is...drum roll...A brand new Higgs Boson! You get a Higgs Boson, You get a Higgs Boson, Everyone Gets a Higgs Boson! 

Ok, not really, we only have one to give away...theoretically.

On to the contest...

The rough-hewn north passage ends in a dimly seen door. As the party approaches within 40’ of the door, the floor suddenly drops out from under the lead characters! They land on a great pile of salt and begin to slide rapidly down into the darkness.

Up to the first two ranks of the party will fall through the floor. The floor section will snap shut after 1 round unless it is held or spiked open. All those who fall will drop 15’ and take 1-6 points of damage. This trap can be found by searching for traps or by magical means, and can be sprung safely if discovered. The door at the end of the hallway is false. There is a 20% chance that a character falling through the trap will drop one or more items (1-2) that are in hand. Any object dropped into the salt mountain has a 75% chance of being lost forever. In addition, fragile items (like flasks of oil or potions) may break. Use the appropriate save vs. Fall, with the penalties for height cancelled by the soft impact surface. For example, a ceramic oil flask will save on a roll of 11 or better.

Those sliding down the mountain of salt pass through a large natural chute, which has strange luminous fungus growing upon the walls

The cavern and the salt remain from thousands of years ago when the subterranean river Lethe wended its way through here. The combination of the fungal radiation and the salt acts as a slow spell lasting 5 turns. Neutralize poison or dispel magic will counter its effects. Salt taken from the slide area immediately becomes normal salt with no special properties. Any character who does not contact the salt will not be slowed; for example, those using a fly spell or one of the bark toboggans found in room B. Armor or clothing will not negate the salt’s effects. However, if a character attempts to slide down on a large shield he or she will have only a 40% [minus his or her dexterity] chance of being slowed. Descent will take 1 round if tumbling, sliding, flying or levitating; it will take 2 rounds for a controlled descent using ropes.


  1. I waited 24 hours to give someone else first crack, so here goes...

    No clue on this one. The description sounds late 80s when I was getting out of gaming.

    Just for the heck of it I will guess, based on the salt:

    The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh


  2. No, unfortunately it is not The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, but that's a good guess Alan.

  3. Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords. Levels 4 to 7.
    oh the memories....Bugbears to the left of me, Gnolls to the right, I'm stuck in the middle of white goo..

  4. Outstanding guess Mr. Anonymous! That is absolutely correct!


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