Monday, March 12, 2018

In Search of...An Editor!

I'm looking for an editor for my RPG. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice on finding one?


  1. Are you talking proofreading or content editing? You can find proofreaders on-line via a google search fairly easy, but any extra eyes are better than nothing (in the past, I've enlisted friends and family members to read my books prior to publication...though my books have all been fairly short).

    Content editing is a little different, however. You want someone who's on the same page as you, who understands what you want, and who (hopefully) knows something about the hobby and RPGs. That's a taller order, depending on how big your book and how much you're willing to pay.

  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm actually looking for both. Proofreading seems easier because it doesn't rely on someone understanding what an RPG is, but a content editor I want someone that understands that its a game, text book and reference manual all at the same time and will understand how things should be placed in order.

    I'm willing to pay a fair amount, but I'm doing this all on my own so I don't want to sell a kidney to afford it. Hopefully I can find someone familiar with independent games

  3. How many words/pages is your manuscript?

  4. currently running around 250 pages give or take a few

  5. Hmm. Most anything more than simple proofreading is going to cost you at least a grand (certainly more than I'd want to pay).

    I'd be willing to do a quick read and give you my thoughts on the book (and point out any glaring typos); shoot me an email if you want to discuss.

  6. Hey, that's a really kind offer. Let me do some final rewrites and then I'll reach out to you and see what we can set up


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