Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forgotten Artist of Yor - Rodney Matthews

This lived on my bedroom wall for years
While doing a lil search of that thing they call the "Internet", I stumbled on someone that I had totally lost all memory of from my youth. Which is weird because I was a huge fan of his work. I had posters of his artwork all over my walls when I was younger but never knew his name until much later in life.

Anyways, I was a bit fan of Rodney Matthews even before I knew his name. His style is very "Alice in Wonderland" meets Erol Otus. A little darkness and evil mixed in with cartoon-ish fantasy give it a very old-school D&D feel, which I love.


  1. i think it wss the hat of the guy on the right in the 3rd pic but there was something very familiar about these, though i had never seen them before. a quick check on amazon confirmed my suspicion, rodney matthews illustrated the favourite book of my childhood {i still have it} - norse myths and legends published by usborne

  2. Wow! That's some great stuff there! Is he a Brit? His material would look pitch perfect on a White Dwarf cover.

  3. @JeffRients: as a matter of fact, he is from England. And you're right, it would be perfect on come old school White Dwarf

  4. @ Brian: While I'm familiar with neither the artist nor the art, I find these images positively inspiring (I've got the "warriors from the sky" as my desktop right now). Thanks for sharing!


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