Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monthly Poll - Favorite Undead Type

Ok, lets get this out of the way. It's only been a few months since the last poll closed, so lets go ahead and close it out and get on to something fresh and new. But first, the results....

We asked our contestants to name their favorite character from the smash hit cartoon "Dungeons & Dragons". Lets see what they had to say.

Coming in at first place is Eric the Cavalier voiced by everyone's favorite red headed side kick in a 50's sit com, Donny Most with 27% of the votes.

In a 2 way tie for second we have Hank the Ranger voiced by Willie Ames and the evil Venger voiced by the always outstanding Peter Cullen each with 24% of the tallied votes.

In fourth place with 10% is Sheila the Thief, whose skirt was a wee bit short for childrens tv, but I digress. Did she seem a little whiny to anyone else?

Standing proudly in fifth place with 6% is Diana the Acrobat. A much stronger female character than Sheila and, in my opinion, just as strong a leader as Hank...altho, the energy bow is pretty damn cool.

Tied for sixth place with a meager 3% each we have Presto the Magician and Bobby the Barbarian

And dead last with 0.0% of the voting registered are Uni (not surprising) and in a huge upset, Dungeon Master! While a little annoying and with a receding hairline that made it hard for children to relate to, I was surprised that no one voted for our enigmatic patron.

Well, there you have it. Now get out there and start voting for this months selections: Favorite Undead!


  1. I voted skeleton. I truly hate zombies.

  2. How can you hate those cuddle, fluffy, flesh eating lil buggers? :)

    Do you hate them as a concept or because they are disgusting?

  3. I really like Son's of Kyuss & Morgh's but I voted Lich.

  4. One of the awesomest characters I've played in the last ten years was a ghoul assassin (ah, those crazy D&D 3.5 days). However, in my usual role as DM, I just love the lich, so that is my vote.

  5. It's funny how much this has changed for me over the years...I would never have voted vampire (as I just did...and I'm the only one!) except for the recent White Plume Mountain game where a single vamp wiped out the entire party. Newfound respect for the fanged one.
    : )

  6. Skeletons. There good enough for Harryhausen, they're good enough for me.

  7. Yeah, what Trey said.

    I hate zombies both as a concept and because they are disgusting. I guess it is one of those primal things. Zombies just strike me wrong in a way other undead creatures don't. Except, perhaps, ghouls.

  8. I miss the days when Vampires were something to dread and could single-handedly wipe out a party rather than just site there brooding and sparkling.

    I almost added Demi-Lich to the list, but that seemed more like a TPK vending machine than a true undead

  9. Sparkling vampires are the result of a mass hallucination by young females (and a few older ones too)that has manifested itself into reality. I hope that if I ignore it long enough it will fade away again.



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