Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic Dungeon Trivia 8

When we last met our stalwart adventurers, they were on the long and perilous Journey to the Rock, and the powerful, but grim, barbarian Daddy Grognard led the way.
In TWELVE #$%@ing minutes!!! I had barely finished typing and he already guessed right. Oh well, chocolate for Big D.

This week, our hearty band has arrived at an unusual chamber...let's see how they react

Light and flame fill your senses. Before you is a 110-foot square room filled with fire. Polished black glassteel reflects the flames into a seeming eternity. Jets of fire soar 100 feet above you into the domed ceiling from four deep pits.There is a set of golden doors in the center of each wall. There is another door in each wall on each side of the double doors. There is a platform in front of each set of doors. A glassteel pathway goes all the way around the room, connecting the platforms. Two 10-foot wide pathways cross the room and meet in the center of the flames at a round platform. This middle platform is 30 feet wide, with a smaller ring in the middle of it. Hanging from the ceiling is a black frame that sits like a tent over the central platform.An Iron Phoenix sits stately on the frame.


  1. That's the Crystal Prism from I5, Lost Tomb of Martek. Very dramatic, if your PCs get that far ;)

  2. ok, wanna play it like this? you and your "first guess every time"...lets see how you handle this next one!


  3. I think the presence of glassteel as an architectural element in a published module is practically dispositive.

    Here's a Dungeon Trivia Riposte: A glassteel object may be pivotal to the plot of what classic module?


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