Friday, February 18, 2011

Classic Dungeon Trivia 9

As the doors to this magnificent room clanged open, the party barely had time to register their surroundings before Sir Vincent of Diakuw charged forward through the flames. Having recognized the danger immediately, and seizing on an opportunity to finally use his broadsword of Iron Phoenix Slaying, he did do battle with the abomination and stuck down the fell beast in an hour and 49 minutes. And in the wake of the epic battle, Vincent claimed his reward: the fabled Chocolate du bar form.

Cursing the intrepid adventurers for so cleverly defeating his well laid plans, the Dungeon Overload is forced to rethink the ingenuity and guile of his quarry. With a wicked grin, he devises his most insidious room yet. "Try this on for size" he whispers...

Although the walls are the same as elsewhere (rough blackish stone), the floor of this room is covered with ceramic tiles arranged in mosaic fashion. The majority of the thousands of tiles are golden brown in color, but patterns of white and black tiles appear in various places to enhance the effect of the very striking designs thus formed. The designs (various flowing lines, etc.) are purely decorative, and carry no mysterious message or meaning.

Arrayed throughout the room are fourteen different pools, each about ten feet in diameter, with sides sloping to a maximum depth of five feet in the center. This mystical arrangement is doubly amazing, since all the contents of the pools are different. . .


  1. Room 31! B1 - In Search of the Unkown!

  2. You are absolutely correct Zandari! I was beginning to wonder if I had actually stumped everyone out there.

  3. Woah! This is something to want. Need to find some of the old books.

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