Friday, February 4, 2011

Monthly Poll - Favorite Old School Module

Stolen directly from Grognardia's web site
So much for January. That didn't take long.

Sort of a small turn out for last months Monthly Poll so this shouldn't take long.

In 1st place for the favorite "deceptive" creature with 36% of the votes was the Doppleganger

2nd Place goes to the Water Weird (one of my personal favorites)

3rd place is Gas Spore. I have to say here that I've never known a party to race forward to start hacking on a beholder, so the gas spore was never really that much of a surprise for them.

At 4th with 12% was the lovably mimic. Everyone loves a treasure chest with teeth!

in 5th with 4% was the Lurker Above and in dead last without a single vote was the forgettable Trapper.

This month we gonna find out which classic D&D module or series of modules was your favorite, either to play or to run. Or maybe its just the most memorable.


  1. Did you purposely leave of B1 In Search of the Unknown? 'Cause that would by my most memorable.

  2. nope, no intentional omissions. What I may do is list another set next month and then do a playoff between the two winners in the following month. There were just too many to list all of the memorable ones, otherwise I would have listed Barrier Peaks :)

  3. Desert of Desolation! (heart!) I loved that scenario line so much.

  4. You must realize that there is difference between "favorite to run," "favorite to play," and "favorite to hold and read and look at the pretty/grusome pictures, right?"

  5. oh sure I do JB, but that was a little hard to word that for the monthly poll :)


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