Sunday, October 16, 2011

Artwork Appreciation

One of my favorite pieces of work...
Who's side is that dwarf on? He looks like he's being shielded by the dragon and is wearing armor just like the dragon's scales, but it seems like he should be an adventurer helping to defeat the beast.


  1. A favourite piece, to be certain.
    --What's with all of these left-handed shield users?

  2. I've seen this before and something always seemed a little "off" to me. You put your finger on it. I'd always assumed the dwarf was with the party but his position in the combat is weird.

  3. it's odd how you can look at a picture like that and after a minute or two of contemplation can devise an entire back story behind it.

    The dwarf is obviously the wicked underlord of a long forgotten kingdom. Last of his people, living out his days stoking the dying forges and digging ever deeper veins in the bowels of the earth when he stumbles upon a mortally wounded young dragon. Rather than slaughtering the beast, faint compassion sparks in his heart and he stays his hand, choosing to care for and nurture the beast rather than drop the Hammer of Rathuk-Khur upon him and snuffing out his life. Years later, acting as one, they defend their ever-dark home against those that would plunder and disturb their blissful co-existence.

    but that's just me :)

  4. A measure of my literal-mindedness as a punk kid playing this game: I lamented the apparent lack of a "Flamehawk" spell.

    Love this picture.

  5. Ha! Never noticed this before...thanks for pointing it out!
    : )

  6. Good point @Jayson, that's an awesome looking spell, wonder what it's supposed to be.


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