Friday, October 21, 2011

Classic Dungeon Trivia 10: The Return

I'm back and so are the obscure D&D module references. You know the rules, first one to guess which module I pulled the following excerpt from gets...well, nothing really...except for the honor of telling their family and friends that they knew an obscure D&D fact faster than anyone else!

Good luck...yer gonna need it

12c. Human Female (11th level thief: HP61; Strength 15; Intelligence 15; Wisdom 8; Dexterity 18; Constitution 16; Charisma 17) chained to the wall. She will gladly admit to being a thief caught trying to find the King's treasure room, and volunteer to aid the party faithfully for a chance to escape. If opportunity presents itself, she will heist as much in gems and magic as she can and then slip away, but until then she will actually help the party. Of course, during this time she will be casing each character to learn what he or she carries.

BTW, the winner of the last Classic Dungeon Trivia was Zandari in 8hrs 59 minutes


  1. Is it "Hall of the Fire Giant King" (the number of the module escapes me)?

  2. it is Hall of the Fire Giant King. The module number was G3, and part of the epic G1-2-3 Against the Giants series.

    Nice job @B.Easterling


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