Monday, October 17, 2011

I said War, huh, good God ya'll

yeah, sorta like that...

Does it seem odd to anyone else to have someone standing off to the side during a battle and singing while everyone fights? Do they orcs and trolls just stare at the completely bizarre hummie ritual of strumming a lute while there's killing to be done?

Has anyone ever tried creating an entire party of Bards? Maybe a nice 5 piece ensemble. They would be the most awesome fighting force known to man because of all their bonuses, but none of them could actually fight because they would be busy at the time.

And what if your Bard is a pianist or a drummer?

Although, I could definitely see myself fighting better if either of these guys were in my party...


  1. We had three (sometimes 4) in a short Pathfinder campaign I was in. while it made sense for the theme of our party (part of the entertainers guild) it did drive me a little nuts with all the bonuses up, which stacked, which were out of range....etc.

  2. Ya know, it's nice when people like to play support characters and play like a team, but as a DM, all those damn bonuses and buffs are a pain in the ass :)

  3. someone's gotta be playing that battle music off camera, right?


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