Saturday, March 30, 2013

Game Design Question

So as you can tell, I'm writing a new RPG (isn't everyone nowadays?) and I have a small dilemma; I have one attribute that I want to represent a characters overall personality (charisma/ cool/ allure etc) as well his sense of aesthetics (creative vision/ sense of style/ imagination etc), but I can't think of a good word that encapsulates it.

The way my attributes are structured, I only have room for one attribute to cover it, so I can't split it into two. 

Right now I'm calling it PRESENCE, but that doesn't seem to fit quite right, so I would thought I was ask on here since there are a lot of people out there much smarter than I am.

I was thinking EMPATHY, but I'm not sure if that's right either. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Upon further review, AFFINITY is starting to sound like the right choice.


  1. Aesthetics is good for the 'creativity' side, and I actually thought of it too, but it doesn't seem to cover the personality side of things.

    While I like MOJO, I'm going for more of a serious game motif so that wouldn't quite work. Although, I do want to start a '70s Black Dynamite/ Enter the Dragon type game and MOJO would be perfect for that.

  2. Not sure my comment got published so here we go again...
    I'd stick with Presence. I think it's been used in another system...pretty sure, not sure. Empathy and Affinity wouldn't fit here. Mojo is good too as long as Dr. Evil doesn't steal it.


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