Thursday, April 24, 2014

Classic Dungeon Trivia #11: Name That Module!

A blast from the past appears, what does your party do?

A) Fight
B) Run
C) Answer Trivia Question

Here's the game...I post a passage or room description from a classic module, all you have to do is Name That Module!

Lets get started...

SMALL ARMS LOCKER: USE lLLUSTRATlON #12 . Note that it requires a gray card to enter. The place is made of plasteel, and it cannot be broken into except with a laser drill. The locker is partially stripped, but still inside are racks and containers of: 10 needler pistols, 8 paralysis pistols, 4 laser pistols, 2 laser rifles, 1 blaster rifle. There are three boxes each containing 20 grenades: sleep, incendiary, and explosive. A fully operational suit of power armor is in a closed and locked locker (at the end of a row of 7 opened ones). A locked metal chest holds 20 power discs and 20 needler clips. (See the section on weapons at the end of the module for details on how to use any weapon and the weapon itself.)

Shouldn't be too hard for all you Grognards out there. The first person to answer wins an all expense paid trip to The Pomarj!


  1. Of course that is from...Expedition to the Barrier Peaks!


  2. Absolutely Correct!

    Be sure to contact out marketing department to receive your 1 way tickets to The Pomarj :)


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