Monday, April 7, 2014

Random Wilderness Encounters

 Just a little something to spice up a leisurely stroll through the forest...

Wilderness Encounters
Roll Encounter                                                                          
1          Drowned animal or monster on river bank
2          An abandoned lookout post
3          Stone obelisk
4          Abandoned mine construction site
5          Burial Site
6          Secret organizations trail signs
7          10 – 20 yards of old stone road
8          Skeleton in a steel cage
9          Hunter’s pit trap
10        Tree house just off the trail
11        Stone or wooden totem
12        Large burrow (empty or occupied)
13        Half buried statue
14        Skeleton crucified on tree
15        Archery targets
16        Abandoned monster’s nest
17        Cave entrance carved as a monster’s mouth
18        Huge creatures skeleton or body
19        Old forest fire site
20        Stone well with drinkable water
21        Ring of towering stones
22        Isolated section of dead trees
23        Recently abandoned campsite
24        An occupied trap
25        Trapper/ Hunter’s cabin
26        Humanoid or monster graveyard
27        Abandoned tents
28        Tribal holy site
29        Battle site
30        Mud or tar pit
31        Tree covered in silent crows
32        Beginnings of a log cabin construction
33        Outdoor altar
34        Noose with occupant
35        Giant wooden shield
36        Castle foundation with moat, abandoned
37        Abandoned bandit hideout
38        Discarded monster eggs, unhatched
39        Tree decorated with human skulls
40        Stone battle monument
41        Frequently used campsite
42        Burned down village or building
43        Monster lair with dead occupant
44        Lost or injured wizard’s familiar
45        Campsite with barrel of poisoned/drugged wine
46        Carnivorous bush with berries
47        Tree split in half
48        Net trap, un-sprung
49        Stack of skeletons
50        Pyramid made of skulls
51        Bones stuck in ground creating trail signs
52        Animal skull collection
53        Ranger trail signs
54        Single burned tree
55        Ring of seashells
56        Monster or humanoid tracks
57        Cave entrance to catacombs
58        Baby (human or monster) left to the elements
59        Line of heads on spikes
60        Carved letter on a tree
61        Iron battering ram head
62        Sculpted shrubbery
63        Line of stones forming an X
64        Underground torture chamber
65        Bubbling pond
66        Barge in dried up river bed
67        Monster surrounded and threatened by other monsters
68        Rusted iron cage, empty
69        Several slave or prison wagons torn apart
70        Giant sized fire pit and spit
71        Tree stump or stone carved as a throne
72        Skeleton in uniform with message pouch
73        Twisted and misshapen bodies grown together
74        Sinkhole
75        Coat of arms banner on a pole
76        Specifically placed ring of boulders
77        Dried up lake with aquatic village ruins
78        Wood alcohol still
79        Splashes of blood from an aerial battle
80        Site of woodland creatures celebration
81        Tree riddled with dagger holes
82        Newly planted sapling forest
83        Way station
84        Chopped down tree across path
85        Torn and bloody cloak
86        Giant creature skeleton impaled on tree
87        Baby humanoid creature looking for mother
88        Overgrown sundial
89        Odd sigil carved in nearby tree
90        Monstrous insect carcasses
91        Exotic weapon half buried in the ground
92        Twisted, evil tree in the middle of forest
93        Wizard-type person crucified to tree
94        Humanoid body with no skull or spine
95        Screaming near-by that is suddenly cut off
96        A sudden trembling in the earth
97        Cooking odors from nearby
98        A necklace of human finger bones
99        An arm freshly severed
100      Mound of dirt serving as den for 100 large spiders

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