Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday

In episode 2 the Green Slime drips from the ceiling and falls on Indel and melts Valerius' sword down to the hilt. Grimslade unleashes a burst of fire to force the slime back. Out of no where comes a cleric named Saren. How did she find them and did they know she was around? Seems suspicious to me.

Saren heals Indel and from a chest Valerius discovers a magic sword. Indel looks for secret doors but instead finds a trap door by falling through it. Does he seem more like a liability to anyone else?

The rest of the party knows they have to go deeper into the dungeon to rescue him.


  1. Why are they bothering to save Indel? The guy is a liability and is clearly rolling bad dice this session. He walked under green slime without looking up, wasted a cleric spell, then didn't even check for traps. If I were the fighter, I'd be thinking 'Hey ho, the treasure will be divvied up between three rather than four and now I have the only claim on this magic sword'

    Not nice, but realistic.

  2. I think later in the series they change his name to "Arrow Bait"


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