Friday, December 17, 2010

Classic Dungeon Trivia 2

And the answer is:

Since last weeks Classic Dungeon Trivia was so easy (Grendelwulf guessed it in 33 minutes, and I have a feeling part of that time was spent reading it and making breakfast) I'll have to fine something a little more obscure.

This weeks trivia is from a classic D&D module and I decided to give you a room description rather than a background snippet. Lets see if it'll take more than 33 minutes to figure this one out.

1st part
The corridor ends in a wall lined with five cubicles. Each has a human-shaped indentation in it, surrounded by scroll work and other ancient carvings.

2nd part
The cubicle forces you out onto a 5' x 5' square that glows with a cold white light. The other squares in this 40' x 40' room are gray, blue, green, and yellow. In the center of the far wall is a 10' wide passageway. In front of the opening, straddling two squares, stands an intricately detailed statue of a handsome man, 7' tall, wearing a richly jeweled crown. His left hand is resting on the hilt of a longsword, and his right arm is outstretched, palm down, toward the center of the east wall, as if in greeting — or in warning.


  1. That second part was so weird and game-y (if that makes sense), I knew immediately it had to be from C2: Ghost Tower of Inverness. A quick peek at my e-copy and it appears my instincts were correct. ;D

  2. Aarg! I couldn't place it, and I am without my laptop & pdfs.

    Looks like you'll get the cookie this week, CB!


  3. Seriously?? 20 minutes??
    Clearly I don't know who I'm messing with. Next week is DEFINITELY gonna be asked for it


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