Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

I always wanted to do a Holiday Gift Guide, but with my CMD (clinical motivation deficiency), I never got around to it. Please, don't worry about me, I'm taking medication and seeking the help I need.

First up on our list of gifts for the gamer in your life is a little thing that every adventurer should have...
 A sizable carrying bag for all your laptop/ player's handbook/ nacho cheese Doritos needs. And at $49.99 + 300 exps, it's a real bargain.

Next up is something that every gamer on your holiday shopping list can use more of...
These little beauties, from Crystal Caste are made of real copper. Yes the coins you always left behind are being fashioned into something that are actually useful. Not sure how your dinning room table will hold up to these, but you'll be the envy of all your friends next time you roll max damage.
They also come in a variety of other metals.

Another staple of any gaming table is the Battlemat
From the fine makers of quality vinyl and vinyl related products, Chessex offers a good selection of mats for all your on-the-fly mapping needs. I would like to specifically point out the MONDOMAT weighing in at a massive 54"x102". That 4'4" x 8'6" (if my shop math is correct)!! I have no idea where you could use this, as most tables aren't that long, but damn....

As an alternative to the battlemat, you can also check out Battle Boards
Dry Erase boards that you can connect to one another to create larger and larger drawing surfaces. They measure 11" x 11" square and interlock nicely to keep them all together when things get physical around the table.

Topless gamers got you down? No need to worry, the people over at MySoti can have you covered with a line of D&D related tshirts in a sports team style.
And finally for this year, 
Ever roll a natural 20 and feel that yelling BOOYA! in the DM's face just isn't enough humiliation? Well, let the die do the celebrating for you! Over at ThinkGeek you can pick up a lovely d20 that flashes every time you roll that coveted critical hit!

Have a happy holiday shopping season everyone...and if you feel the need to buy me a gift, I wear a size large.


  1. Those T-shirt designs are great, but the link to MySoti doesn't list any of them for sale that I can see.

  2. I saw the Bag of Holding in person last summer on a bus in San Francisco. Its owner was a fat old hippy/hobo who looked like a giant-sized dwarf. It was...surreal.

  3. @tyler, right after I posted, I went to look for them myself to buy one and I couldn't find them either. Every site I saw them on referred me to that site and I couldn't find them.

    @Sirlarkins, maybe it WAS a giant sized dwarf

  4. I would love the Bag of holding. I have a couple pairs of those metal dice, but I never use them. They are more of a display piece, or, are used insdie of my dice bag to wail on players that show up late for games.


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