Friday, December 24, 2010

Classic Dungeon Trivia 3

Fine fine fine...last weeks trivia took Christopher B a grand total of 20 minutes to guess that the room was from the classic fun house dungeon C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness.
I swear this week I'll get you meddling kids and your dog too!!

So here goes...

At the top of the stairs are the remains of a door, beyond which is a room. The floor here is almost entirely gutted as is the floor below. 30’ below is the gray stone of the cellar floor. There is an open doorway on the opposite side of the room on this level. Any exits from the first floor or the cellar have been completely filled with rubble. There are three possible ways to walk across the space - a charred and crumbling section of floor clings to the left wall, a narrow pathway of fallen beams stretches across the center like a bridge, and a sounder section of floor, only burned at the edge, runs along the right wall. All three paths are accessible from this end and lead to the doorway on the opposite side.

Good luck, you chocolate bar awaits...

p.s. If you solve this in under 21 minutes, can you at least wait a few extra minutes to post so I feel like I at least slowed you down some?


  1. Well, I waited as long as I could... but it looks like no one else is stepping up. So: A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity. :D

  2. I appreciate the effort to at least PRETEND like you didn't know in 5 minutes.

    Next week you get "You enter a 10' square room. It is empty"

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