Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Classic Dungeon Trivia 5

Damn it! I just realized I've missed the last TWO Classic Dungeon Trivia Fridays. So I'm gonna do one now, and in 4 minutes after one of you D&D Savants answers it I'll start posting one every Friday...I hope.

As for the last one JB answered correctly in 1hr 11min, and I think he stalled just to make me feel better. Or maybe he was hung over from New Years Eve. Regardless, the correct answer was D2: Shrine of the Kuo Toa.

On to the first of this weeks Classic Dungeon Trivia...

This bedroom is dirty and decayed; the floorboards appear intact but rubbish is scattered everywhere and webs are profuse on the walls and ceiling. From the doorway, you can see a glint of light in the fireplace from what appears to be a small, highly reflective object. There is no furniture in here.

The object in the fireplace is simply a fist-sized chunk of crystal. It has no value though it is superficially attractive. In the webs live two large spiders (AC 8; HD 1+1; hp 7 each; #AT 1; D 1 hit point plus poison) which are 90% likely to attack (check each round anyone is in the room).

The spiders’ poison is relatively weak — saving throws against poison are at a bonus of +2 and the effects of a bite are less severe than most. Thus the poisonous bite will not kill the victim though he/she will be incapacitated and completely helpless for 1-6 hours.


  1. This one also feels familiar, but I can't place it. Sounds like a low-level adventure module (with the nerfed poison), and probably AD&D (seeing as how the chance of attack is on a round-by-round basis...and B/X rounds are only 10 seconds long).

    I'm going to guess this is T1: Village of Hommlet. But I'm definitely not certain.

  2. Ha!! Finally I've slowed you down...slightly.

    Unfortunately that is incorrect JB. But no one else has guessed yet so the chocolate bar is still up for grabs

  3. Me wants to say:

    The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh


  4. Damn you people and your freakish early 80's D&D module knowledge!!!

    Is there a Google program out there that I'm not aware of??

    Yes damn it...it was The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Good job Grendlewulf

  5. Ah, yes...I lost old U1 some decade or two back. Good work!


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