Saturday, January 1, 2011

Monthly Poll - Favorite Deceptive Creature

Another poll comes to a close, so lets see how our favorite undead creatures stack up against one another.

First place goes to my favorite, the Lich with 27% of your votes

2nd place was a bit of a surprise to me, Skeletons rock the vote with a solid 23%

3rd place, with 20% of the votes is everyone's favorite grave robber, the Ghoul with 20%

4th place, with a shockingly low 10% is the Zombie

Checking in at 5th place with 9% of the votes is the Wraith

in 6th place with only 7% of all votes cast is the Vampire. I have a feeling our friendly neighborhood blood sucker suffered quite a bit in the polling from recent film adaptations (I'm looking at you Sparkly!)

and in last place, the bottom of the barrel with only 1, count them 1, very late vote is the Ghost. I have to say, the ghost would have been my least favorite too. They just seem a little dull. They serve better as a plot device rather than an adversary. Never failed, every time we faced off against a ghost it was when we had nothing that could even hit it.

So there you have it, your favorite undead. Make sure you tune in this month for your favorite Deceptive Creature. A creature that likes to appear as something other than what it really is.

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