Friday, January 28, 2011

Classic Dungeon Trivia 6

Continuing with my effort to stay of track with Classic Dungeon Trivia Friday's, I'm actually going to post one on a Friday!

As to our last installment...Grendlewulf answered correctly with U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The candybar goes to him.

Now, on to this weeks moderately challenging trivia. And in the words of your dark lord and mine "I have you now!"

This room is 30' across and 70' wide, the door opening in the center of one 70' wall. Directly across from the door is a mirror of opposition. Lounging throughout the room are 20 ogres (AC 5, MV 9", HD 4+1, hp 25 each, #AT 1, D 1-10). When the door is opened, one of the characters who opened the door will automatically look into the mirror; the DM should roll randomly to determine which one. This character's opposite will step out of the mirror andattack. At the same time, the ogres will join and attack the party. The ogres will automatically treat the opposite as their leader.


  1. L1 - The Secret of Bone Hill

    What can I say? I'm diabetoc and I love chocolate. :)


  2. You know, I think that may have been a different Mirror of Opposition. Hmm, darn!

  3. Nice try GW but your diabetic cravings will have to wait a little longer. L1: Secret of Bone Hill is incorrect

  4. 'tis the seldom equalled, never exceeded, Q1.

  5. Wow, a whole hour and 56 minutes for one of you D&D Jeopardy freaks to get it right. Good Job Vincent :)

    I could have swore I was being way too obscure this time...

  6. :)

    That chamber is 30x70, so it has an ogre in almost every 10x10 square. When in doubt, literally bury them in evil humanoids.

    I love AD&D.


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