Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday

Episode 5: The party returns to Gavin's Inn for a mug of ale to to reminisce about adventures past. They think back to their first adventure: Grimslade being introduced to his companions by his mentor Grindal, defeating a Black Dragon (I assume its a black dragon because it looks like it's breathing acid on Saren.) to find the fabulous Heart of Mekron.

Suddenly at the inn, an apparition appears, it's Grindal!


  1. What is it with Indel? He falls off his bar stool in this one. For a thief, he has lousy dexterity.

    I wonder if we'll ever get to the bottom of the reason why no-one else but Grimslade seems to have aged in this adventure?

    Interestingly, Saren is introduced as a healer, rather than a cleric - she'll be a fat lot of good if any undead turn up.

    (I saw the Heart of Mekron on the Home Shopping Channel last week - yours for only $24.95 plus attractive leather case, no black dragons involved)

  2. he's like the perpetual "damsel in distress". I wonder if he realizes he's just a plot device and comic relief.

    (I bought one of those Hearts of Mekron, stupid fedEx guy broken it in his van before I got a chance to dominate the world)


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