Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday

Episode 6: The party sets off to search for Grindal, Grimsalde's old mentor. And by the looks of the second panel, it seems the magic-user is also their henchman from the amount of gear in his backpack. From out of the woods an arrow thinks into a tree in front of Indel. A man and a woman challenges them and Saren tries to talk their way past them, but before the party can do anything, the man and woman transform into wolves and attack.


  1. Travelling light, Grimslade?

    Shoot first, transform second is a new tactic for werewolves, especially as they're such rubbish shots - here's hoping that Indel gets bitten for more than half his hit points.

    (and what's with the Cary Elwes Princess Bride eye mask he's taken to wearing? Or has he got a Zorro fixation?)

  2. well, everyone know how delightfully comfortable masks are. I'm sure one day everyone will be wearing them

  3. I've got mine on now - it adds an air of mystery to my otherwise mundane persona.


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