Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flashback Thursday

Ah yes, Hawk the Slayer!

If any of you out there haven't seen this little gem, you're not truly bored enough on a Sunday afternoon.

This is a spectacular B-/C+ movie made in the early 80's staring Jack Palance as the despicable Voltan and John Terry as his brother Hawk (the Slayer). Co-starring Bernard Bresslaw (the cyclopse from Krull) as his giant companion Gort, who is actually sorta short for what I always pictured as a giant.

If for no other reason, you must watch with for Crow, the elven archer and his Legol-ass kicking bow work.

Why are you still here reading this? Go get it!


  1. I was expecting the movie to be kind of awful when I sat down to watch it last year. I was pleasantly surprised by the visual aesthetic. It had that 80s "fantastic realism" vibe that I quite dig.

    That said, the dialogue and "special effects" are hilarious.

    "I. Am ready."

    "I am no messenger. But I will give YOU a message. A message...of DEATH!"

  2. you're right, the visuals are pretty good as far as costumes and scenery goes. The acting however leave a bit to be desired.

    You have to admit you started groovin' as soon as that fantasy/disco music kicked in!


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