Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Awesome Site

I was looking for some tokens or markers we could use in our game to tell who has been stunned or blinded etc and I stumbled on THIS site. They have some awesome stuff and you can even custom make your own!


  1. As someone who is as much an enthusiast of miniatures games as RPGs (even if I hardly get to actually paint and play the former these days), I take it for granted that not everyone knows about Litko.

    So I'll just add the hearty endorsement of a satisfied customer. Great variety, cutom jobs, and superb customer service.

  2. Mind if I recommend pipe cleaners? Cut them to 1 inch/2.5 cm lengths and fold, then place on the miniature. They work on almost any miniature, even ones the tiles won't (For examples gargantuan creatures) and cost a lot less. We use Red = bloodied, green = my warlocks curse, etc. If you want you can use tags to mark them as which type they are.

  3. @canageek, that's a good suggestion. While it may be cheaper, effective and certainly the way I should go, those counters look too cool for me to ignore :)


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