Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bi-Weekly Poll - Favorite Wizard

We asked, you decided...

The most annoying monster ability for a hearty band of adventurers to face is none other than...

Level Drain with 51% of the vote (certainly one of my top 3 worst to face)

next came Paralysis with 17%
Psionics with 11%
a two way tie for 3rd with 8% is Invisibility and Regeneration
and last with registered votes was Summoning with 2%

Looks like people aren't too bothered by Reach, Damage Reduction, Spell Resistance, Disease or Teleportation.

Ok, for our next poll...Who is your Favorite Wizard?


  1. Karl Edward Wagner's Kane.

    But if he's too "multi-classed" then I'd say Syzygy Darklock from Starlin's Dreadstar.

  2. He's not on your list but Bayaz, First of the Magi from Joe Abercrombie's First Law Trilogy has to be one of my favourites for his sheer amorality regarding the consequences of his actions.

  3. Well, my pick would be Avatar from Bakshi's Wizards, but since he's not an option, I went for Merlin, on the proviso that it's the time-travelling sports fan version from The Sword in the Stone.

  4. I picked Mordenkainen, I always enjoy stories of his exploits!

    My recent favorite spell-slinger is Akamian from Bakker's Judging Eye series.

  5. could I forget Thoth-Amon!

  6. I'm also a Drusus Achamian fan. Bring on the Gnosis.

  7. Nice list, but you should also include some of the original Lovecraft, Jack Vance, or Clark Ashton Smith wizards!! Maal Dweb, Eibon, Murgen, Mazirian, Wilbur Whatley, etc... I'd have to vote for old Wizard Whatley I think...


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