Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday - The Return!

Good news ladies and gents...
While browsing some old Dragon Magazine issues, I stumbled on two more comic strips that I didn't realize were in there. So I had my crack team of pdf extractors (read: me) go to work to pull from the ancient pages the last two, forgotten, D&D comic strips.

First up, from Dragon Magazine #53 we have to continuation of a brief adventure into the mysterious Dungeon of Roakire. The followup has our adventurers Auric, Tirra and Khellek traveling deeper into the dungeon after a deadly battle with a Jacklewere. They encounter goblins and a Beholder (who put those two together in the same room?) until the reach the fabled treasure room in the deepest bowels of the earth.

Will this be the end of their adventure?

Not hardly! Were you not paying attention when I said I found TWO new strips??


  1. "evil hoards"? Hehehe.

    Nice one. I keep thinking: Would they have worked on my feeble teenage mind, back in the days?

  2. Nice to see the lovely Tirra making a reappearance.

    What exactly did the beholder do to her?

  3. Well, the jackalwere is finally slain.

    So...there's that.

  4. @Daddy Grognard - it kinda looks like the Beholder is using his "flashlight" eye to gawk at her inappropriately


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