Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flashback Thursday - Circle of Iron

Originally called The Silent Flute, this story was written by the late, great Bruce Lee. But like the TV series Kung Fu, this was given to that master of slow motion karate, David Carradine. Granted, he got this role years after Bruce Lee's death by acquiring the rights to the movie and choosing to star in the, not one or two, but FOUR roles originally intended for Mr. Lee.

This is the only kung fu fantasy movie I've ever seen, but if there are more please tell me 'cuz, like a scab you have to pick, I have to watch crappy fantasy movies!


  1. Like Chinese kung fu fantasy movies, or Hollywood ones?

    As for Hong Kong/mainland China cinema, there's a ton out there! "Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon" and "Hero" are two fairly recent ones, but they go back a long time.

    Here, this will get you started!

    (but if you mean B-grade Hollywood kung fu fantasy like Circle of Iron, I have no idea besides Big Trouble in Little China...)

  2. I was thinking more Hollywood style. I never got into the Hong Kong/ Chinese style movies. A little too much wire work and subtitles drive me nuts.

    Big Trouble in Little China is a great movie btw


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