Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dice Bias?

I knew I wasn't a crappy role player! It's not my fault that my thief can't kill anything, it's the dice's fault!

Most Six-Sided Dice Biased by 75%


  1. That's why I use Gamescience and casino dice as much as possible! Chessex dice are horrible, they are one step away from being marbles!

    I still don't understand why most FLGS owners roll their eyes when I ask for Gamescience dice. It seems like if people are willing to buy piles of neo-RPG supplelments they'll never use, at least they'd spend $10 on a good set of bones.

  2. Totally agree with Cyclopeatron. Having lived in Vegas for years ... I acquired a huge cache of casino dice ... but I also own five or so sets of game science dice. I do have a huge pirate treasure chest full of "guest" dice that I let others use ... but I rarely roll those myself.

  3. I have a couple set of Gamescience dice too, unfortunately they roll a little too equally and don't allow me to impress my fellow gamers with remarkable rolling skills. With them, I'm merely...balanced.


  4. I've got a motley collection of dice that I've acquired over the years. I've no idea where most of them came from but I do know that none of them is from Gamescience. My two oldest d6 are the ones I got with Squad Leader from Avalon Hill; the game is long gone but the dice remain. They seem pretty reliable. The less said about my d20 of doom however, the better.


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