Monday, June 14, 2010

Gaming Ads of Your - Daredevils

This looked like a fun game to me. Sort of like Call of Cthulu (minus the insanity) meets Indiana Jones. I always liked the old black and white adventure movies that would play way later than I was supposed to be awake. There is something more adventurous about the 1930's when firearms were a little more rudimentary, travel was an adventure in itself and there were no cell phones to call for help. And there was always plenty of Nazi's to beat up on.

Never had the pleasure of playing this game, but the genre definitely appeals to me.


  1. It was a lot of fun. A friend of mine used to run a Daredevil/Call of Cthulu crossover game (that was later converted over to Hero system). Good times and crazy adventure.

  2. I do like that pulpy-goodness in my adventures. Daredevils and Cthulhu just seem to go together don't they?
    Like chocolate and evil peanut butter


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