Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flashback Thursday - Willow


This one came out late in the 80's and, to my recollection, is the only "fantasy" movie that Ron Howard has done so far.

I liked this movie. It was fun and adventurous and the characters were likable enough. The plot is a little hammy, and you can sorta see whats coming next a mile away, but it's still fun to see it when it arrives. This was done long before Peter Jackson's team really brought forced perspective to the forefront so you get to see all of your favorite "little people" actors: Billy Barty, Warwick Davis among other.

Val Kilmer stars as Mad Martigan, the reluctant anti-hero and, soon to be wife, Joanne Whalley plays Sorsha, the villainess with a heart of gold...well, sorta. A particular fan favorite were Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton as two brownies (or pixies or whatever they were) along for the ride.

The biggest surprise however is the writer: George Lucas. Who knew he could write something that wasn't Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark related. Maybe he should try do that again!

All in all, I would recommend this movie, especially to anyone with younger children. Just not TOO young as there may be some scenes too scary for them.

IMDb Rating - 7.1


  1. Willow: "Throw the baby in the volcano not-Frodo!" :)

  2. Yes, but in some ways, it is Star Wars with a dark fantasy twist.

    Wise One (peck)=Obi Wan
    Sorcha=(bad) Leia


  3. I think you might enjoy this Willow tribute rap music video (watch through to the end!):

  4. @cyclopeatron, you now owe me 5:21 of my life, and $35/hr for the therapist to get those images out of my head.

  5. I have the TOR Books RPG supp by Allen Varney. I WIN LIFE!

  6. Anthony Emmel is right. Yes, but in some ways, it is Star Wars with a dark fantasy twist.

    Especially the two brownies/pixies/hwatever in their awfully contrived role as R2-D2 and C-3PO doubles.

    I was still relatively young when I first saw that film, and it made me cringe.


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