Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flashback Thursday - Labyrinth

Labyrinth - 1986

Let me preface this post by saying I have never seen this movie while I was completely conscious. Every time I watch it, I'm half asleep and I wind up going in and out of consciousness while the movie plays.

Now, having said that...being semi-conscious is the only way to watch this movie. And I mean that in the best possible way. Watching muppets and David Bowie in a giant maze while in a semi-dream state makes for the best hallucinations this side of dropping acid. You're never really sure whats going on or what the hell those damn muppets are saying, but it doesn't really matter.

The scenes that I have seen while coherent were pretty entertaining and looked like a fun movie. It's definitely geared towards kids, but can be fun for the whole family.

IMDb Rating - 7.3


  1. It has a much more mythic take on goblins than what you usually see in fantasy games. It remains a favorite of mine because it is so bizarre and different.

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  3. I love this film with David Bowie and his horde of Froudian goblin friends! When I was 12 I went to the opening of the movie at the theater. I brought my cassette recorder along to tape the music and dialog. I was so excited during the opening credits that I started yelling and the usher threatened to kick me out of the theater. Guess I was kind of a weird kid - luckily I've straightened up since then!

  4. naw...not too weird. When I was 8 I used to put a tape recorder next to the tv so I could record Scooby Doo and listen to it while I did my chores outside.


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