Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monthly Poll - Favorite Dragon Type

Sort of an odd-ball poll this time. I was browsing my old Monster Manuals and noticed a disturbing trend of letting cats-walking-across-keyboards name monsters. So I wanted to see what people thought was the weirdest, and now I know.

With a dominating 60%, you, the people, have chosen Ixitxachitl as your weirdest monster name

2nd place belongs to Neo-Otyugh with 15%
3rd place with 9% is the beloved Vargouille
Tied for 4th with 6% are the Aurumvorax and Galeb Duhr
and in 5th we have Sahuagin with a mere 3%

Apparently everyone thought Couatl, Tarrasque and Thri-Kreen were normal enough to not warrant a vote, or Ixitxachitlwas just so weird it couldn't be passed up.

This month, lets hear what your favorite dragon type is.

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