Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flashback Thursday - Quest of the Delta Knights

Here's a little known film (and if you've seen it, you'll understand why) that was spoofed on the ever popular MST3K...Quest of the Delta Knights!

I stumbled on this movie on late night TV years ago and noticed something that made me do a little research on IMDb. I noticed that in certain scenes, early in the movie, when they are showing the town, it was filmed at the Renaissance Faire in Northern California at Black Pointe Forest. Of course, the faire has since moved locations several times since this was made, but with as often as I went there, I definitely recognized it.

Anyways, anyone from the bay area that frequented the Ren Faire in the 80's will probably spot some familiar turf. Other than that little piece of trivia, there is absolutely no reason to sit though this two hour abomination. It is a horribly B-grade movie that nearly makes Sci Fi original movie look passable. The only person I recognized in the whole thing was David Warner, who you may remember as SARK from Tron or a thousand other roles he's played over the years. He's never really been known for blockbuster success, but I can only imagine he too this role because he had gambling debts he had to pay off.

In summary, only watch this if Comcast shuts off your cable and this is the only movie available.

IMDb Rating - 2.2


  1. It is indeed horrible. Not even a great episode of MST3K could be made from it.

  2. I've always liked that episode of MST3K myself. "I'm COMMMEEEENNNG!"


    It also "features" (for about three minutes) the actress who played Ursa in the first two Superman movies, as well as the woman who played Juliet in Zifferelli's film version of R&J, as well as that character actor guy from Mad About You and Spin City...


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