Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday is Changing

Due to a decided lack of comic strips to post, the Frothy Friar management team (me) has been forced to change the menu from Comic Strips to Gaming Ads of Yor...until I run out of those, then I'm screwed.

So for your entertainment, I'd like to welcome our first Gaming Ad of Yor. Put your hands together for...

This ad appeared in various gaming magazines and comic book around 1982 and, as you can see, shows our plucky adventurers from the Dungeons & Dragons commercial shown previously here at the Friar.


  1. Let's see. DM and four players.

    Three characters and a horse.

    Someone's playing a horse?

    And people used to hate getting 'stuck' with the Cleric...

  2. I always loved this ad, very Lankhmar...


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