Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday

Episode 8 - The party reaches the Mountains of Ash and set off into them, straight into an avalanche. Saren is hurt by the avalanche and Grimslade uses a scroll to cast Dimention Door. The spell carries the entire party to an ancient castle. Could the end of the quest lie here?

Apparently so, since this is the last one ever published. Maybe the readers were supposed to pick up the quest here and role-play what they think happens from here.


  1. "Evil forces are at work here"

    You don't say.

    I must pop down to the same magic shop as Grimslade and get me some powerful scrolls that I can just pop in my backpack and not mention to the party at all. And then get out at a crucial moment and make myself look good.

    What else has he got in that not small backpack, anyway?

    And more to the point, why didn't he read the scroll a few episodes ago, thereby avoiding the werewolves, dark druids and wintry conditions?

  2. Well given the non-standard effects shown and the likely old school GM, the player of that mage knew using the scroll was a a risky venture. It wasn't until things got dire enough for the party that he was willing to risk it.

  3. Maybe the DM just found a Random Effects of Dimension Door table on someone's blog, and having just acquired a D30...

  4. I'm gonna call it "Job Security"

    He waits until the party is desperate, then, and ONLY then, he pulls out his scroll and saves the day. If he had done it earlier, the party wouldn't have appreciated what he could do, they would have started taking him for granted. Now they know how powerful he is, he'll probably get a raise...heck, he may even get a promotion.

  5. I reckon that Indel already knows how powerful Grimslade's WOOOSH! can be.

  6. I think Indel applied for the job as a goof and, to his horror, actually got the job as party thief. He is clearly unqualified and in WAY over his head. If he makes it out of this one, he should really consider a career in horticulture or perhaps be a door man at the Westin.


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