Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gaming Ads of Yor - Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set

This second Dungeons and Dragons ad is a more "advanced" ad with updated graphics reflecting those of the new Basic Edition Boxed Set. While I like Elmore's work, this is around the time that D&D art work started becoming too polished for my tastes and started to lose some of the magic for me.

I believe this ad started appearing around 1986


  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I was 21 in 1986 and had already been gaming for seven years, so my mid-teens, at which point illustrations tend to make the strongest impression, were filled with PHB, Trampier and Sutherland.

    And does that say 2 million in the text? I wonder if there has ever been an analysis of the numbers playing the various iterations of D&D (including the current OSR) - it'd be interesting to know just how many of us are out there, doing it Old School.

  2. It is funny how age plays in to our perceptions. This was the first version I encountered as a very young child. After that I moved on to 2ed. Thus, Elmore is my definitive artist for the look and feel of D&D.

  3. I think the artists we first experience are the ones we associate "real" D&D with. I started playing in 1979 so those are the artists I associate with, whereas @DeadGod, you associate Elmore with the "real" feel...some of the new people I'm sure think the new artists (Brom, Reynolds etc.)are what D&D is all about.

    But I think everyone HAS to agree the Otus is a god amongst artists :)


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