Monday, March 1, 2010

Game Session Recap: What was I thinking???

Last night my gaming group embarked on our latest adventure. A quest to shake the heavens. An expedition that will cause bards and poets to put quill to parchment and scribe of heroic deeds and valorous combat. 

Mine was not one of those acts.

We started playing a version of A Paladin in Hell that my DM has modified for our campaign. The adventure starts with a fallen comrade's funeral at a temple near town. As the party arrives, the temple has been scooped up and taken to hell.

Long story short, we wind up with a ship that can take us to hell. While on the ship we end up in a fight against several huge demons that were submerged in water. Me being the "All Powerful" wizard decide I should unleash hell on these foul abominations who have kindly bunched together. I pull out a Maximized Chain Lightning spell and toss it to them. 

90 points of damage each! "That should end this fight quick" I thought, until 2 demons laugh at my puny electricity, 2 demons resist 20 points of electricity and then make their saves and the last, and best one, is immune and reflects it back at me. I quickly proceed to fail Spell Resistance and then fail my save....and died.

We weren't even off the damn boat yet!!

Not my most glorious moment. The only bard singing about this one would be Weird Al Yankovic...

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