Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday

This is an ad that ran in early editions of Dragon Magazine. Seems somewhat similar to the comic strip series that ran in comic books for many months. The adventurers are definitely similar: male fighter, female rogue (in the comic strip she was a cleric), and a mysterious older wizard (in this case looking like a cross between Doctor Strange and Dracula) and attacked by a leaping Jacklewere (as opposed to a leaping werewolf in the strip.)

Speaking of the male fighter...Did he get that chain shirt at a Half-Off sale? what the hell is that supposed to protect? He might as well wear this...


  1. Mmm... Tirra the red-headed rogue is rather cute. I'd like to see more of her.

    And the magic user looks like Grimslade's younger brother.

  2. That's interesting on these characters. They can be allies / adversaries to the PC's in the Age of Worms Adventure Path. Now I know that the author pulled them from some comic advertising.

  3. Unfortunately, this was a one-shot comic strip as far as I can tell, so no more Adventures of Tirra Daddy Grognard. You'll just have to imagine some up

  4. Looks like Willingham. He did a lot of my favorite art back in the day.


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