Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flashback Thursday


By far, the best dragon ever committed to film. Vermithrax is the standard by which I have judged all other movie dragons, and believe me, they're all coming up short. Especially that train wreck Dragonheart.

The movie starts off a little slow-ish, but believe me, the final battle is more than worth the wait.

BTW, that was a kick-ass spear. Made me want to use spears more in my D&D campaigns.


  1. Yes! I absolutely agree. Was thinking about this movie the other day. Specifically the small little plot tchotcke at the end when the doddering old king rides up and pokes his sword into/at the dragon's corpse so he could be called 'Dragonslayer'. Utterly unimportant to the plot, and utterly true to life.

  2. Dragonslayer is never ever far from my head when I'm playing D&D.

  3. It's weird to think that Galen is Peter MacNichol of Ally McBeal fame


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