Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bi-Weekly Poll - Strangest Creature Name

A lot of votes this time for Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Scenario. Lets see who won...

With an impressive 34% most of you are hoping for a good old-fashioned Zombie Apocalypse to ravage the world and turn us all into gun-toting, hot rod driving, zombie vigilantes. Seems oddly appropriate being Zombie Awareness Month and all.

In 2nd place was Nuclear Holocaust with 27%. Here's to you Nuclear Irradiated Insects
3rd place belongs to Natural Global Disaster at 11%
4th place with 9% is a nice Dimensional Rift
tied for 5th with 6% was Vampire Overlords and Machine Uprising. I think we could have had a clear winner with Cyborg Vampire Overlords.
6th place belongs solely to Alien Invasion and 4%
and dead last with 0.0% is Conventional World War. So much for bullets and bombs. Clearly we need something other-worldly to shoot at once the world comes crashing down.

This Bi-Weekly Poll I wanted to revisit some of our long lost friends,:the slightly unused and highly un-pronounceable creatures with the Strangest Names

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