Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flashback Thurday - Mazes and Monsters

Tom Hanks kills a Gorabill (?)

I couldn't actually find a trailer for this made for tv movie, staring Tom Hanks, so I posted a couple of my favorite Mazes and Monsters scenes. The first we find Pardue (Tom Hanks) wandering through Pequad Caverns in search of adventure when suddenly he is set upon by the evil Gorabill. This is the first time we see Robbie Wheeling separate himself from reality before his short trip to Coo Coo Town.

In the second scene, Robbie had BECOME Pardue and followed the little voices in his head to The Two Towers, or as we in the really real world call it, The World Trade Center. He thinks that if he jumps off the tower he can find his long lost brother. In a touching, heartfelt performance that would certainly ensure his meteoric rise to stardom, we watch as Tom Hanks plies his trade and jerks the tears right out of our D&D loving heads.

IMDb Rating = An Astounding 4.2


  1. "Ha! Gorbels are in the Fiend Folio and they look nothing like that!"

    I saw this when it first aired and I'm pretty sure that was one of my snarky comments.

  2. As a little kid I thought this was awesome! The cool ass "illuminated" spell book they had, other props, not sure I quite grasped they were in mines rather than vividly imagining them. But I thought they were the best group ever, I was so jealous. And for long time I held them as the pinnacle of RolePlay to aspire too.

    It wasn't till much later I learned about D&D backlash (even though I lived through it) and this movie was probably meant to warn/scare kids & parents about the "dangers" of D&D. Ha! Worked as well as the "Just say no" garbage.


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