Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comic Strip Tuesday - The End...Again

From Dragon Magazine #54

Forgotten Strip #2 sees our party enjoying their newly found riches. Auric finally gets some decent armor. Although, changing from a mesh half-shirt to a uni-tard with a frightened woman's face on it is a debatable upgrade. Khellek gets a discount Doctor Strange costume complete with a disco collar cape and Lady GaGa gloves and matching belt. And Tiarra...gets a cape. Seems like someone got short changed here. Anyways...

Before they have a chance to put on a really quality fashion show, a low rumbling shakes the room. Seconds later a massive Purple Worm bursts through the ground and looks destined to consume Auric, uni-tard and all. Fear not true believers for Khellek's magic can stop the beast!

Or can it?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any further comic strip adventures for these three heroes so we are left to wonder their fate forever.


  1. Oh my god! I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED out loud reading this strip!

    The reason there are no further comics is Khellek told the truth: only his magic had a chance to stop the beast. But the DM got initiative and rolled a 20, automatically swallowing the bold wizard silly enough to step forward. The end result was a TPK one-two rounds later.


    I LOVE the purple worm! A fitting en to our intrepid adventurers.
    : )

  2. and his outfit doesn't do anything to make him NOT look like a big piece of candy either

  3. @ Brian: Now you've got me laughing out loud again!
    : D

  4. if I've made even one person smile, I've done my job :)

  5. Hey, I have some posts about D&D comics history, and I posted one (which is currently still in progress tho) about these cartoon-ads. And I found the 4th and last page of this story... :P
    ..as well as the beginning of its sequel !

    Have a look ! :)



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