Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gaming Ads of Yor - Dungeon!

Ah yes, DUNGEON!

The board game with a title that seems like its yelling at you.

I remember saving my allowance for weeks so I could afford to buy this magical treasure in an oblong box. I spent many a day playing this game with friends from the neighborhood. Strange, I could get them to play this, but not D&D itself.

As we can see from the photograph, its good, clean fun for the whole family. Even though it looks like their living room is actually just a decorated alleyway outside a pizza joint. Is that a lawn chair that little Jimmy is sitting on? Well, I guess at least he got his family to play with him. Mine wouldn't play with me...I feel so neglected.

is this what dysfunctional feels like?


  1. Dungeon! is my favorite board game. I had/still have similar issues converting my board gaming friends to RPGs. I think the idea of a "board game" with fantasy elements is easier for most people to grasp than RPGs, which sadly still suffer from bad PR/overt nerdliness.

  2. I actually still have the game at my parents house. I saw it while getting some old 2e books for a friend.

  3. Child neglect... how can you play Dungeon! with your kids when the AD&D hard covers are sitting right there on the shelf?


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