Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flashback Thurday - Legend

Legend - 1985

Fresh off a string of successes, Tom Cruise stars in this fantastical tale of good and evil, of unicorns and goblins. If you can get past seeing ol' Tom in a scale mail mini dress, you're in for a really good movie.

Directed by Ridley Scott, one of my personal favorites, this seems to have everything going for it. It has a sorta dreamy quality to it and it stars Tim Curry as EVIL!!! I defy anyone to identify who it is if they don't already know.

I'm a little surprised Tom didn't try to convert Evil to Scientology.

IMDb Rating = 6.1


  1. i absolutely adored this film as a kid. equally scary and beautiful, as fairytales should be.

  2. Loved it!

    It was fairy fantastical which contrasted sharply with the very serious & "practical" fantasy I knew from "The Hobbit" and "Kill'm take there stuff" D&D.


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