Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gaming Ads of Yor - The Minature Case

From Gryphon Games comes...The Miniature Case!

Sure, there are a ton of options now-a-days for carrying your miniatures in, but back in the days this seemed like the premiere way of getting your mini's from point A to point B. Look at the craftsmanship in this black & white, cartoon drawing! That's quality you don't see everyday. I always wanted one of these, but there was no way my parents were gonna spring for a $75 shoebox with hinges. In fact, that's exactly what I DID get...a shoebox with duct tape hinges.

If only they were still around, I might actually buy one of these bad boys.


  1. I actually did a search for one online a month or two ago in the hopes that I could find one for sale now that I'm all grown up and have occasional disposable income. I hoped to fill that hole which those ads produced in my sense of well-being, stemming from regular exposure to them in Dragon magazine.

    Alas, there were none to be found.

  2. I also coveted this item, but was in the same boat - $75 for a box? This is one of those items I would like to at least look at and personally inspect, or at least read the owner's review.

    It sounds somewhat sturdy (plywood!), but exactly how nice is the fit and finish? Surely someone out there in miniature-collector land has one.


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